Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rep. Lon Burnham endorses "non Craddick Dems"

By Faith Chatham - Jan. 13, 2008

State Representative Lon Burnam sounded a call to support "anti-Craddick" Dems in a campaign fundraiser piece headed "I am ready to show Craddick the Door: Re-Elect Democrat Lon Burnham" and paid for by his campaign committee. He endorsed three other anti-Craddick dems in that piece. The text of the message is:

The Struggle to end the tyranny of Speaker Craddick begins,

On Thursday January 10, I issued a press release declaring my support for three good Democrats, and stating in no uncertain terms the beginning of the critical process of removing Speaker of the House Tom Craddick. The press release follows:

Burnam endorses three Democratic challengers to incumbent Craddick D’s

Calls Craddick “the single biggest obstacle to responsible public policy in Texas”

(Austin, Texas) Today, State Representative Lon Burnam (D-Fort Worth) took the bold step of endorsing three Democratic primary challengers to three incumbent Craddick Democrats.

“I am proud to publicly endorse Brian Thompson (HD 46 – Austin), Armando Walle (HD 140 – Houston), and Sandra Rodriguez (HD 36 – Hidalgo County),” said State Rep. Lon Burnam, “all of whom have shown remarkable courage by challenging Craddick Democrats. Each of these candidates is extremely viable. I hope to welcome each of them into the State Legislature next year and take three more votes away from the Republican Speaker.”

In 2003, Rep. Burnam was the only Representative to vote against Republican Speaker Tom Craddick. At the time, Burnam suggested Craddick was ethically challenged. Many of the Craddick D’s share Craddick’s ethical lapses.

“Since 2003, the single biggest obstacle to responsible public policy in the state of Texas has been Tom ‘absolute power’ Craddick,” said Burnam. “Unfortunately, some of my colleagues continue to support the Republican Speaker and enable his failed Republican ideology of starving public education, harming the environment, denying children health care, and making a mockery of our ethics laws.”
>Burnam said that Democratic voters have a clear choice on March 4. Democrats can vote for the status quo and help re-elect Craddick Democrats, or they can vote for change and send a clear message that Tom Craddick and his right-wing cronies are taking our state in the wrong direction.

<“I represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, not the Craddick wing of the Democratic Party, and so do the three Democrats I am endorsing today,” said Burnam. “If we want to move Texas forward, we need change, and change starts by voting for Brian Thompson (HD 46 – Austin), Armando Walle (HD 140 – Houston), and Sandra Rodriguez (HD 36 – Hidalgo County) on March 4.”
In addition to endorsing these three Democratic challengers today, Rep. Burnam has also committed to help each of them raise the funds they will need to be successful on March 4. Next week, Rep. Burnam will unveil details about a political action committee called “Too Close to Craddick” that he is supporting.

Join me in the effort to end the corrupt, arrogant, and autocratic rule of Speaker Tom Craddick. Your contribution will help ensure success!

You can support my efforts by making a donation online now

Or if you prefer you can send your donation to

Rep. Lon Burnam
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Though we often find it too late, it is never too early fight tyranny.

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